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Home Workouts

Home workouts remind me of Davina McCall fitness videos in my ‘couldn’t swing a cat’ sitting room in my flat in town, half concentrating, half looking out the window wondering what I’ll be having for my tea.

I’ve tried them since and up until recently they haven’t worked out much better for me to be honest. In my head I didn’t associate my home with a sweaty, hard working training session and I didn’t think it was possible to change that mindset, nor if I’m honest did I particularly want to.
Then the first lockdown came and the closure of the gyms and my lack of interest in taking part in home workouts (plus of course my absolute over indulgence) meant the gaining of the Covid Stone which meant I had little choice but to become more willing to try one. By the second lockdown six months later I was on my journey with Adam from Pura Vida and as the gyms closed their doors again, I reluctantly gathered some training equipment together and took my first video call.

I decided the garden was a good neutral place to do the session, plenty of space and away from the children’s prying eyes. The first thing I did was pencil in two definite time slots a week with Adam, so I was accountable and less likely to make excuses. I bought and borrowed a weight selection of up to 25kgs of dumbbells an 8 and 16Kg kettlebell, a 5k medicine ball and then a fitness ball, band and a tripod to put my phone on. Then, I nervously answered Adam’s Facetime to start our first session. **

I have to admit the first few were a little peculiar. Working out alone while watching someone on a phone was a totally new and bizarre experience for me but in fairness one that didn’t take long to get used to at all. I absolutely love training outdoors, dare I say it but sit ups are so much more enjoyable when you’re looking up at the sky instead of a gym ceiling and being Ireland in November you can guarantee that you’ll never overheat. If it rained, I threw up the umbrella belonging to the patio table and chairs or once when it was just too miserable came indoors.

To be honest there aren’t many negatives at all except my phone battery always seems to be dying so I needed to add an extension lead to the mix and I’m slightly concerned about what the neighbours think I may be doing al fresco judging on some of the noises I’ve been making.
There’s one other big benefit to online training too... there can always ‘accidently’ be a part of you out of shot from the trainers eyes if you do need a brief break or a moment to dwell on what you may have for dinner.

** List of home equipment (https://www.eastcoast.fm/if-lockdown-returns-are-you-prepared-for-home-training/)



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