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Election 2020 - live updates

Coverage of Election 2020 from the East Coast FM team...

Attention Turns To Forming A Government - posted at 10:25am

Mary Lou McDonald has reached out to other parties on the left to talk about forming a government.

She's talked with Brendan Howlin, Eamon Ryan and the Social Democrats as we now know the full makeup of the Dáil.

To have a majority in the next Dáil you need 80 seats.

The big news looking at the maths is that no two parties combined can reach that number.

At least three parties will be needed to form a government.

So any combination of Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin could mathematically make up the numbers if they added the Green Party's 12 seats.

Mary Lou McDonald's coalition of the left looks unlikely.

Adding together Sinn Féin, the Greens, Labour, the Social Democrats and Solidarity People Before Profit only gives you 66 seats.

Adding the 6 left leaning independents gets you to 72.

If you added the so-called pragmatic independents who might do a deal, you could get to 78 seats, just shy of a majority.

That combination would then need at least two rural or right wing independents to come on board, and would be relying on 14 Independent votes to pass anything.

It could take a long time for any combination of the current numbers to come together and form a government.

Posted by Hugh O'Farrell Walsh at 10:25am on Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

Results and Counts - Wicklow - GE2020 - posted at 10:50pm

Quota: 11,887                                
      FP V% Ct 1 Ct 2 Ct 3 Ct 4 Ct 5 Ct 6 Ct 7 Ct 8 Ct 9 Ct 10 Ct 11 Ct 12 Ct 13 Ct 14 Ct 15


on count 1


24.3 17,397


on count 14

9.9 7,039 7,591 7,966 7,996 8,035 8,095 8,208 8,635 9,422 9,987 11,148 11,415 11,875 13,405


on count 15


12.3 8,765 8,885 8,890 8,913 8,929 8,948 8,968 9,129 9,171 9,369 9,545 9,774 11,261 11,752 11,838


on count 15


7.7 5,467 5,630 5,637 5,650 5,666 5,707 5,781 5,879 5,915 6,113 6,301 9,363 10,024 10,882 11,018


on count 15

7.9 5,634 6,064 6,079 6,095 6,114 6,159 6,299 6,629 7,072 7,410 7,713 7,838 8,114 9108 9,622


Excluded on count 15

6.9 4,940 5,044 5,053 5,060 5,075 5,147 5,185 5,334 5,358 5,573 5,943 6,503 8,347 8788 8,860
Independent Joe

Excluded on count 13
4.2 2,988 2,988 3,673 3,683 3,715 3,805 4,125 4,222 4,560 4,900 5,690 5,941 6,187

Excluded on count 12
6.6 4,679 4,796 4,798 4,803 4,812 4,935 5,051 5,138 5,160 5,283 5,429 5,813

Excluded on count 11

6.3 4,473 4,669 4,674 4,680 4,689 4,776 4,848 4,910 4,936 5,089 5,323  

Excluded on count 10


3,050 3,597 3,601 3,642 3,663 3,782 3,890 4,187 4,352 4,654

Excluded on count 9

2.5 1,805 2,107 2,115 2,128 2,144 2,235 2,370 2,480 2,724    
Excluded on count 8
1.5 1,037 2,244 2,255 2,262 2,278 2,335 2,403 2,448

Excluded on count 7

2.4 1,727 1,917 1,915 1,927 1,936 1,956 1,975
Excluded on count 6
1.5 1,051 1,208 1,211 1,217 1,239 1,351
Independent Tom
Excluded on count 5
0.7 478 602 605 612 629
Excluded on count 5
0.6 399 439 440 440 457
Independent Charlie
Excluded on count 4
0.3 219 289 296

Excluded on count 4

0.2 173 212 219
Independent Anthony
Excluded on count 2
0.1 79 93
Independent William
Excluded on count 2
0 20 26

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Click here for a graph of first preference votes

Click here for the 'Share by Party of First Preference Votes' graph

See the changes since GE2016

Posted by Sean Ashmore at 10:50pm on Monday, February 10th, 2020

Co Wicklow Interactive chart #GE2020 - All Counts - posted at 10:45pm

East Coast FM's interactive chart of all results for Wicklow in GE2020

(This chart can be switched to full screen mode for easier viewing).

Click here for a graph of first preference votes

Click here for ALL COUNTS

Click here for the 'Share by Party of First Preference Votes' graph

See the changes since GE2016


Posted by Sean Ashmore at 10:45pm on Monday, February 10th, 2020

GE2020 Results in Other Areas - posted at 3:35pm

Dublin Fingal   

Labour's Duncan Smith is marginally ahead of Dean Mulligan, Independents 4 Change, following the eleventh count.

Fine Gael's Alan Farrell was elected on the last count with a surplus of three votes.


Longford - West meath 

Labour's Alan Mangan, a Leinster championship winner with Westmeath in 2004, has been eliminated on the eighth count in Longford-Westmeath


Dublin North West 

Michael Martin's leadership of Fianna Fail is under the spotlight after a number of key seat losses suffered by his party.

One of the party's successes today was the election of the Lord Mayor of Dublin Paul McAuliffe in Dublin North West


Dublin South West

Solidarity-PBP's Paul Murphy has been elected on the eighth count in Dublin South-West.

His election brings the number of Solidarity seats in the 33rd Dáil up to five.

A simple recount of the seventh count in Dublin South West will begin at 4pm. 

The recount was granted on the request of Social Democrat candidate Carly Bailey, who was eliminated after that count. 

There were just nine votes between Carly Bailey and Labour's Ciarán Ahern, following the distribution of votes from Solidarity-PBP candidate Sandra Fay.


Galway West

Catherine Connolly (IND) has been elected on count 6 in the Galway West constituency.


Dublin Central  

Neasa Hourigan created history today by becoming the first Green Party TD elected in Dublin Central.


Dublin South Central  

In Dublin South-Central, the distribution of FF Catherine Ardagh's votes has seen Patrick Costello of the Green Party and Joan Collins of Independents 4 Change elected without reaching the quota.

The Fine Gael candidate (and Minister of State) Catherine Byrne has been excluded.

Dublin Bay North 

Fine Gael’s Richard Bruton has been elected in the Dublin Bay North constituency



Martin Browne of Sinn Fein and Independent Mattie McGrath have been elected on count 8 in Tipperary.

It's after each unexpectedly pulled in over two thousand transfers from independent TD Séamus Healy, who was eliminated earlier this afternoon. 

Labour's Alan Kelly and Jackie Cahill of Fianna Fáil have been elected on count 9 in Tipperary where the count is now complete.



Fine Gael's Michael D'Arcy - Minister of State at the Department of Finance - has been eliminated on count ten in the Wexford constituency.



Businessman Peter Casey has been eliminated after the third count in Donegal.

He polled 1,143 first preferences (1.7%) and had accumulated 2,132 votes.



Green Brian Leddin takes 4th seat & elected Limerick City with 8,207 votes to become the 1st Green ever elected in Limerick

Fine Gael's Kieran O' Donnell has been elected for Limerick City.

He says the party will have to reflect on its performance and the future


Dublin Mid West   

All four seats have now been filled in Dublin Mid West.

Two went to Sinn Féin while Emer Higgins of Fine Gael took the third.

Solidarity/People Before Profit's Gino Kenny held onto his seat, edging out Fianna Fáil's John Currant


Roscommon - Galway

Sinn Féin's Claire Kerrane has taken the final seat in Roscommon-Galway.

Kerrane was declared the winner without reaching the quota after the distribution of Denis Naughten's transfers.

Kerrane edged out Eugene Murphy, FF, the outgoing TD. 

This result leaves this constituency with no Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael TD for the first time in a century.

Carlow - Kilkenny   

John Paul Phelan of Fine Gael and Jennifer Murnane O'Connor of Fianna Fáil have been elected on the 8th count in Carlow-Kilkenny


Dublin Bay South

Fianna Fail's Jim O'Callaghan has taken the fourth and final seat in Dublin Bay South, without reaching the quota.

Chris Andrews (SF) elected 

Eoghan Murphy (FG) elected 

Jim O'Callaghan (FF) elected



Newly elected Sinn Féin TD Violet Anne Wynn, in Clare, is one of the winners of this election.

She only secured 385 votes in last year's local elections.

Big news in Clare, where four candidates were elected in one count (count 10). High profile TD Timmy Dooley of Fianna Fáil, who was at the centre of the Dáil voting controversy late last year, has lost his seat.

Elected after reaching the quota: Michael McNamara IND and Violet-Anne Wynne (SF)



Brendan Griffin FG elected in Kerry

Fine Gael's Brendan Griffin and Independent Danny Healy-Raehave both been elected on the sixth count in Kerry.

Counting continues in Kerry where three seats have still to be filled.

Michael Healy Rae and Sinn Fein's Ps Daly won the constituency's first two seats last night, with no additional candidates deemed elected following the distribution of Healy Rae's surplus of 3873.

His brother Danny claimed over half of those transfers to leave him 2341 votes off the quota.

Kildare North      

Bernard Durkan of FG elected
Reada Cronin of SF elected
James Lawless FF elected.

Kildare South  

Two elections in Kildare South - Cathal Berry IND and Martin Heydon FG.

Fianna Fáil's Fiona O'Loughlin has lost her seat in the constituency.

Patricia Ryan, Sinn Féin, has been elected on the sixth count in Kildare South with 12,152 votes


Laois Offaly


Fianna Fáil's Barry Cowen has been elected in Laois Offaly on the eighth count.

Speaking on RTÉ Television earlier, the Fianna Fáil TD said it was obvious during the course of the campaign that there was a mood for change and that they weren't part of that change.

Following the redistribution of People Before Profit's Stephen Tynan's votes, nobody was elected on the fifth count in Laois Offaly.

Labour's Noel Touhy was eliminated with 3190 votes which are now being redistributed.

There are 4 votes between Fianna Fail running mates, Sean Fleming and Barry Cowen.


Cork North Central

On the 12th Count Fianna Fail's Padraig O'Sullivan was deemed elected, he said transfers have proved crucial in this election.

Fianna Fail's Tony Fitzgerald has been eliminated in Cork North Central.

Tallies had suggested that he would be in the running for the fourth seat - but he didn't manage to get enough transfers to bring him further than Count 11.

His 4256 votes are now being distributed and are likely to get Fianna Fail's Padraig O'Sullivan over the quota and elected to the second seat.

Posted by Dave Harrington at  3:35pm on Monday, February 10th, 2020

Fianna Fáil Loose Key Seats As Counting Continues - posted at 3:15pm

Fianna Fáil is missing out on seats and second seats across the country that could have a huge impact on formation talks for the next government.

It's lost seats in Roscommon Galway, Dublin Midwest, Kildare North, Kildare South and Wexford.

While Timmy Dooley looks set to lose his seat in Clare though that will be taken by his Fianna Fail running mate Cathal Crowe.

The party also lost a battle for a third seat in Carlow Kilkenny with sitting TD Bobby Aylward losing out to the Green Party's Malcolm Noonan.

Posted by Hugh O'Farrell Walsh at  3:15pm on Monday, February 10th, 2020

Fine Gael TD Calls On Leo Varadkar To Step Aside As Party's Leader - posted at 2:11pm

The parties are picking over results as counts come in, and this morning former Waterford TD Paudie Coffey was the first to stick the knife into Leo Varadkar on WLRFM

But Fine Gael TDs have been defending Varadkar - including Paschal Donohoe, Richard Bruton and Kieran O'Donnell - who says the party needs to look at its performance in detail

More than 90 seats are now filled in the 33rd Dáil - with the high profile losses including 8 female TDs.

With final results still to come it looks like the most fractured Dail in history.

Posted by Hugh O'Farrell Walsh at  2:11pm on Monday, February 10th, 2020

Elimination Process Of Low Performing Candidates Continues - posted at 11:50am

Following the election of poll topper John Brady yesterday the battle continues realistically between 7 candidates to fill the remaining four seats.

So far today we’ve seen the four lowest candidates eliminated, with their transfers redistributed, but there was no real significant change for those still in the race because of the low numbers involved.

Right now two more candidates, Tom Dunne and Eileen Gunning have been eliminated, with a combined total of 1,086 ballot papers to be redistributed, and then we start seeing candidates with high vote results eliminated.


The likes of Seamus Connor, with more than 1200 votes and Paul O’Brien with just under 2,000 votes, those transfers should start to give a clearer picture of what may be the final result here in Wicklow.

But there’s a bit of time to go before we reach that stage

Posted by Hugh O'Farrell Walsh at 11:50am on Monday, February 10th, 2020

Transfers Will Be Key On Day 2 Of Counting In Greystones - posted at 9:05am

With 70.3% turn out and a total of 71, 320 valid votes recorded in the garden county, the Quota has been set at 11, 887.

John Brady’s surplus of 5,410 votes, were redistributed last night, with over 900 over those transferring to Social Democrats Jennifer Whitmore. She sits just 900 votes behind Simon Harris who has 8,885 votes. Behind her is a close pack of Stephen Matthews on just over 6,000 votes Stephen Donnelly with 5,650, Andrew Doyle with just over 5,000 and Billy Timmins on 4,800.

Pat Casey is just under 4,700, so transfer will play a crucial role in filling those last four seats.

The process has begun to eliminate the lowest candidates. That began this morning with the elimination of William King and Anthony Fitzgerald, with their ballot papers being redistributed to the second choice candidates.

An interesting day ahead to see where the transfers go...

Posted by Hugh O'Farrell Walsh at  9:05am on Monday, February 10th, 2020

Results of 2nd Count - posted at 10:45pm

The results of the second count for Wicklow, with just one TD elected so far.

Counting resumes on Monday morning.

Click here for the results of all counts


Stay with East Coast FM for live updates:


Click here for a graph of first preference votes

Posted by East Coast FM Team at 10:45pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Share of first preference votes - Wicklow - posted at 10:45pm

  Click here for the results of all counts

Posted by Sean Ashmore at 10:45pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Change since GE2106 - posted at 10:40pm


Stay listening for the latest updates live from the Count Centre on East Coast FM and East Coast FM News Bulletins today...

Click here for a graph of first preference votes

Click here for the 'Share by Party of First Preference Votes' graph

See the changes since GE2016

Posted by Sean Ashmore at 10:40pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

First Preference Votes - Wicklow - posted at 9:05pm

These are the offical results of the first count, which saw John Brady SF elected.

Turnout in Co Wicklow was 70.9% (with 71,320 valid votes from an electorate of 101,332).   The quota for Wicklow is 11,887.


Click here for the full table with 2nd count results


Stay listening for the latest updates live from the Count Centre on East Coast FM and East Coast FM News Bulletins today...

Posted by Sean Ashmore at  9:05pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

John Brady Reaches Quota In First Count In Wicklow With Over 5,000 Surplus - posted at 8:45pm

Sinn Fein’s John Brady has topped the poll in Wicklow on the first count with 17,297 first preferences votes.

71, 320 valid votes were recorded with 559 spoiled ballot papers.

With a 70.3% turn out the Quota was set at 11, 887, giving John Brady a surplus of 5,410 votes. The process has now begun to redistribute that surplus amongst the remaining candidates.

Posted by East Coast FM at  8:45pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Interview with Dermot Daisy O' Brien (Sinn Fein) - posted at 7:00pm

Posted by Hugh O'Farrell Walsh at  7:00pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Interview with Garreth O'Reilly (John Snell Campaign) - posted at 2:34pm

Posted by Dave Harrington at  2:34pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Interview with Maeve Cox (Valerie Cox Campaign) - posted at 2:33pm

Posted by Gavin Dowd at  2:33pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Interview with Joe O'Connor (Social Democrats Campaign Manager) - posted at 2:32pm

Posted by Gavin Dowd at  2:32pm on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

Counting gets underway at the Wicklow Count Centre - posted at 10:32am

Counting is getting underway here at Shoreline Leisure Greystones. Stay with East Coast FM on-air and on-line for all your Wicklow General Election News

Posted by East Coast FM at 10:32am on Sunday, February 9th, 2020

High Turnout Recorded In Wicklow For General Election Vote - posted at 10:25pm

Wicklow turnout has been high with an average of 54% in the east and between 45 and 50% in the west.

Across the Dublin County constituencies turnout is over 60 per cent with turnout in the city also reported as high.

It was above 50 per cent across both Galway constituencies while Louth had turnout tipping above 50% just after dinnertime.

Cavan Monaghan is also heading towards 60 per cent.

While in County Laois, there's a high 65 per cent turnout in Ballyfin and a 60 per cent turnout in Emo and Clonaslee.

An exit poll suggests that Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin are neck and neck at 22% of first preference votes after today's election.

The poll, carried out by Ipsos MRBI for RTÉ, The Irish Times, TG4 and UCD, means there is no clear picture of the next govenrment at this stage.

Turnout seems slightly up on the last election exceeding 65% in some areas.

Posted by East Coast FM at 10:25pm on Saturday, February 8th, 2020

The Candidates standing for election in the Wicklow Constituency - posted at 5:49pm

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm on Saturday February 8th 2020. 

The following documents are acceptable for identification purposes: a passport (either Passport Book or Passport Card); a driving licence; an employee identity card containing a photograph; a student identity card issued by an educational institution and containing a photograph; a travel document containing name and photograph; a Bank or Savings or Credit Union book containing your address in the constituency and/or a Public Services Card.

A recap on the candidates running for Election 2020 in Wicklow:

Andrew DOYLE


























































Valerie COX


















Charlie KEDDY


















William KING







Posted by East Coast FM at  5:49pm on Friday, February 7th, 2020

Live updates - posted at 5:35pm

Our live updates from the Count Centre will be published here from Sunday Feb 9th...

Posted by East Coast FM at  5:35pm on Friday, February 7th, 2020

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