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  • Welcome to the 6 week challenge with myself and Elite Training and Nutrition.

    The next 6 weeks is about forgetting quick fix old habits that don’t serve you well in the long
    run like dieting and going hungry and concentrating on trying to form workable habits that we
    can live with and be accountable for.
    This is where the first step comes in:

    -Download food tracking app My Fitness Pal. There a separate video on how to use it but
    once you get the hang of it, I quite enjoy being able to scan the barcodes of what you’re
    eating and being accountable.

    - Put your details into https://tdeecalculator.net to see how many calories you should be
    eating and the breakdown of your macros and hit your calorie target every day with a 10%
    margin of error.

    -Track on MyFitnessPal every day absolutely everything that touches your lips

    - Limit you alcohol intake and make sure that what you’re having is within your calories

    - Weigh in once every 2 weeks. If you can get a scales that measures more than just your
    weight that would be fantastic as your weight alone can be variable depending on whether
    you’re dehyrated, menstruating, have eaten lots of salt etc

    - Try to train a min of 3 times per week and try and hit 10000+ steps per day (more if you’ve
    already been doing 10K)

    -Drink 2-3 litres of water every day and start the day with a green smoothie. This can have
    anything in it but I have a handful of spinach, cup of mixed frozen berries, scoop of protein
    and water. Almond milk, almond butter, mango, melon, kiwi and mint are all good too though
    so try any combo you fancy but just make sure you measure and track!!
    If you’re not tracking calories:

    -Increase your protein and veg/fruit intake, make sure you have some protein with every

    -Try and limit your alcohol intake and snacking (swap your snacks to healthier options)

    -Increase your water intake to anywhere in between 2-3 L a day

    -Training and activity levels should be the same if you’re tracking or not, min 3 X week and
    10000 steps
    I’ll be posting some helpful content and a weekly podcast over the course of the 6 weeks.
    Try and stay consistent and Good luck!

  • Sea swimmers Sea swimmers everywhere! (Although not as many right now)

    You’ve probably noticed people seem to shouting from the rooftops about sea swimming more than ever since the outbreak of Covid and lockdown, why is that?


    I do have lockdown to thank for my addiction, I took my first winter dip in Connemara off the coast of InnisTurbot this time two years ago and was horrified by how cold it was, but something clicked with how good it made me feel and I was hooked.

    I’m currently nearly finished a thing called The Walrus challenge (Yes, it’s a very unfortunate name) which basically involves me swimming 3000m a month (or 20,000m minimum in total) from Nov1st last year to March 31st this year. The hardest part is we’re not allowed wear wetsuits, gloves or boots so your warm up gear is so important. My sister Tab is doing this level with me and my Mum  is doing the Novice Walrus which is 1000m a month or 2000m minimum and you can wear wetsuits, gloves and shoes with that one.

    It's no mean feet in Wicklow waters but I’m hopeful we’re going to get there by the end of the month. There’s nothing waiting for me at the end except a Walrus badge a bit like the Brownie/Guides ones I used to strive for years ago but we’ll have earned those badges and I’m nearly more excited to get it then I was getting my Masters!

    I’ve had a very difficult few years and my children regularly say to me “Mum, I think you need a swim” whenever I’m in terrible form. That says it all really, it provides a total reset, recharge and huge mood boost.

    The Winter Walruses began under the patronage of king Walrus Ger Kennedy. It was started by a group of friends in 2014 to promote all aspects of winter swimming from competitive to Social and Mental Health benefits.TheChallenge is a fun way to encourage swimming through the Winter. It simply helps you personally challenge yourself by setting an achievable Goal and I would highly recommend it as a healthy way of distracting yourself from the stresses of life.

    Here's some tips to help you along from King Walrus himself Ger Kennedy:

    It's ok to say NO or turn back from any distance.

    Don’t swim beyond your ability, as temperatures drop most incidents happen on the return leg of your swim, be responsible to yourself.

    1. Each level has minimum totals for the challenge period, the idea is to do more acclimatizing swims during Nov/Dec in preparation for the colder months Jan-March
    2. Enjoy with friends and perfectly normal for the body to shiver during the acclimatization period and beyond, lots of Cake & Hot Drinks afterwards.
    3. Try a pick a swim distance target at your location like a swim buoy or rock or land reference, much easier than swimming in circles or swimming to nothing 
    4. Bright Color Swim hat and Tow Float is best practice
    5. Good warm clothes and footwear easy to put on after your swim (merino wool best), Tight leggings or tight tracksuits we found difficult after winter swimming  
    6. Quality Socks, I've been using these for years, Extra Long type https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=HEAT+HOLDERS&ref=bl_sl_s_ap_web_1667347031 also do gloves and hats 
    7. Dryrobe or Similar, great for changing and keeping wind chill away, not great for warmth if base layers are bad, but highly recommended investment 

    Walrus Levels

    1. Novice Walrus - swim 1000m “each” month and complete 7000m minimum total distance during the challenge period. Note Neoprene Allowed
    2. Beginner Walrus - swim 2000m “each” month and complete 15,000m minimum total distance during the challenge period.
    3. Competent Walrus - swim 3000m “each” month and complete 20,000m minimum total distance during the challenge period.
    4. Proficient Walrus - swim 5000m “each” month and complete 35,000m minimum total distance during the challenge period
    5. Expert Walrus - swim 10,000m “each” month and complete 60,000m minimum total distance during the challenge period
    6. Ice Walrus Under 7c
    7. Extreme Walrus Under 5c
    8. International Walrus Ireland


  • Ilona Madden!

    Certified Nutritional Therapist and Health & Lifestyle Coach shares her top tips for the festive season here

    My top 10 tips for the Festive Season - RightFood4U


    Well well well, here I am again surrounded by leftover wrappers from trick-or-treating asking myself what happened in the last year that caused me to regain most of that stone that I had so painstakingly lost. The answer...life. That simple really, much as I like to be in control of everything going on in my life and indeed I am over what I put in my mouth/the exercise I do, life can throw curve balls that make the journey a lot rockier so now all I can do is get back on the horse/bike/rowing machine and try again for what if I'm honest probably won't be the last time. That's the thing though..once you realise, just like a dog is not just for Christmas, a fit/healthy dare I say slender body is not just for the next wedding/event you're going to then you're halfway there! It's a long journey and we're on it together. Just to remind you of the words of Kate Moss though ..nothing tastes as good as skinny feels😏

    Over the next few weeks we'll chat to some of the people in the know from Shoreline Leisure Greystones who'll give us the advice that we need to try and look and more importantly FEEL good for Christmas (and hopefully beyond this time) 🙌

    Good Luck! Laura


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    By Personal Trainer life coach and Sport Scientist Adam Kelly

    The period from September to December has traditionally been a key time period for goal achievement both for my clients in Pura Vida and for many others.

    It's a straight run into Christmas from here with no distractions. So, if you want to work on improving your body shape and lifestyle, then now is your best chance...read full article CLICK



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